Todos podemos ayudar a revertir el cambio climático, sin importar cuánto dinero o tiempo tengamos

El cambio climático puede parecer un problema abrumador “¿Pero ¿qué puede hacer una sola persona?”

Esta es una nueva herramienta lanzada por el programa en línea de Master´s of Public Health Program de la Universidad George Washington para ayudar a las personas a entender las formas de combatir el cambio climático. Es gratis y fácil de usar.


New healthier habits and energy-smart investments can make a real difference whatever your budget, lifestyle or time constraints are. This new guide uses graphics to show effective ways to help the planet in your daily life.

Using sliders to filter how much time, money and effort you have available, you can find suggestions for ways to contribute.

Each suggestion provides a quick summary next to a relevant statistic to show the real impact that a small action will produce. From the intuitively water-saving “take shorter showers” to the transportation-focused “bundle online purchases,” each tip provides an action that you can take to make a real difference.

Finally, the About section of the site shares more in-depth information on climate change, as well as a list of dozens of lifestyle habits to get you thinking about changes you might make to help the environment.

Annual rise in temperature

The change in global surface temperature (relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures) has continued to increase steadily over the past several decades.

Matching the rise in temperature is the level of carbon dioxide gas present in our atmosphere.2 These elements are paired for a reason: Carbon dioxide, released from the burning of fossil fuel as well as natural phenomena, allows the sun’s light to penetrate the atmosphere but traps its heat from escaping. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts like the glass in a greenhouse, giving global warming the alternate name of the “greenhouse effect.”

Increase in CO2A steady rise in CO2 emissions has been noted by NASA and others in the scientific community.

Images: GWU online Master´s of Public Health Program

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