Una de las estrategias de productividad de EOSIS: viernes cortos todo el año

Un estudio de Opinion Research Corporation demostró que el 66% de empleados que cuentan con programas de viernes cortos o semanas laborales de 4 días son más productivos. Permitir que tus empleados tengan horarios de trabajo flexibles les permite tener un mejor balance entre la vida laboral y la social, lo cual sirve para generar confianza y un ambiente de felicidad.

EOSIS implementa los viernes cortos, comprimiendo el resto de las horas laborales de lunes a jueves, de esta forma la satisfacción de los empleados incrementa y existe un mejor aprovechamiento del tiempo.

You may feel that giving workers a day or afternoon off sacrifices productivity and revenue, or simply sets a bad example for the rest of the days. Yet research shows just the opposite, that employees are more productive, morale is better and turnover reduced when they have some flexibility or shorter work weeks.

Permitting your employees to have flexible summer hours allows them more work-life balance and that builds trust and makes them happier.

There are other benefits too.  According to the consulting firm Adecco, putting in place a shortened summer work week has grown in popularity because employers are seeing an  “increase employee morale and all the good things that go with that, such as higher retention, candidate attraction, and productivity,” The thinking behind a shortened work week is that it gives employees extra leisure time, which they can use to relax and strengthen relationships with family and friends. That generally results in a better personal life and that has been linked to increased loyalty and productivity at work. If an employee’s schedule gives them something approaching work-life balance, they are likely to feel grateful for the flexibility and freedom and, as a result, are more loyal to the organization.

EOSIS give part of Fridays off, compressing the work week from Monday to Thursday, so the team´s satisfaction goes way up, and we all have a better control of our time. That is also a strategic business tool. It can be a boon for talent acquisition and retention, especially if most of your competitors don’t offer anything like it. In fact, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 43% of companies now offer four-day work weeks to at least some employees, and only 10% offer it to most or all employees.

More information:  https://bit.ly/2WwSUEH

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